It will help you to understand

    • The GRAPES method which is the secret of building a 500 crore plus company.
    • The process of earning KASHS by using GRAPES method.
    • How to make your company successful by using these methods ?
    • How you can achieve your dream turnover by implementing these methods in your     business ?

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    Production Date : 2015
    Video Length : 34:49

    Entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of the country. Especially in India where Unemployment is demoralizing the youth , These entrepreneurs uses various aspects of the society& are the source for generating employment by innovation & improving the standard of living.

    Entrepreneurial development is very essential for the economic 
    So development of a country & has an important role to play in solving the unemployment problem. We have made these films with such thoughts in minds to make entrepreneurs successful & thus take our country towards progress. Instead of going after a government job, people should make an effort to get themselves by starting their own business. These films will guide entrepreneur on various topic related to growth , Man management & Personal Management.

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