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General Management

    It will help you to understand

    • How a Coach should guide his team towards success ?
    • How a Coach should guide his team for time management ?
    • How a Coach should guide his team for balancing their personal & professional    life ?
    • How a coach must make his team achieve their Goals in Life ?

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    Discounted Price : Rs.999
    Production Date : 2015
    Video Length : 51:42

    As the famous quote says �€œ Employees leave Managers not the Company therefore�€� Strong managers are one of the most critical components of Employee Success a Strong manager performance in recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 60 percent.

    The front-line manager faces incredible stress for managing a team, driving results, and answering to the questions , managers manage competing goals and often work more or less in the obscure. So how do we give managers the training and the best practices we need to make managers successful? Our films will help Managers understand the qualities & the behavior they must possess for successfully driving their team towards success.

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