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How to study effectively ?

1) You should get enough amount of Sleep

• Get enough sleep as it have been proved that a good night's sleep will help you perform better.

2) You should Manage your time effectively

• Make a weekly schedule for your studies & dedicate a certain amount of time per day for studying.

• Make sure your study plan is followed properly & plan out your extracurricular activities.

• You must know how to balance school and extra-curricular activities.

3) You should find a good space for studying.

• Find out a good location for studying & always wear comfortable & loose clothes while studying.

• Sit wherever you are comfortable whether it is sofa, floor etc Keep yourself aloof from distractions.

4) You should switch off your TV while studying

• You should not get distracted from studying ,  so you should put off your television so that you do not get distracted

5) You should highlight the important texts & details.

• You should use a highlighter & underline the important points of the text, so that it is easier to spot them

• You can read these highlighted portions in order to quickly review the material you have learned.

6) You should always take notes in the classroom

• Try to note all the things & make good notes in the class so that it can help you to remember what you have learnt while to start preparing for your exams.

• You can use abbreviations so that important information can be seen at glance.

• You must always ask questions in class as it will help you to know the concept clearly.

7) Use your textbook

• Don’t always depend on the instructor or the teacher, use for textbook for finding each & every content.

• Prepare yourself using the textbook, read the chapter carefully & then highlight the important contents.

• Understand the chapter in a better way to understand the concepts clearly.

8) You should rewrite your notes at home.

• Whenever you are taking notes you should remember that you should not waste time & you should rewrite the notes given in the classes on the same day as at that time the contents are fresh in your mind & hence they can be easily remembered.

• You can make a rough note in the classroom & then can re write it in a fresh manner after coming home.

9) You should always start with hard subjects.

• You must start the most difficult subjects first as you are more energetic at the first instance& you can equally give your maximum time for these subjects.

• This will help you to cover the difficult subjects early so that you can start the easy stuff later.

10) You can make a study group

• You can make a group of 3-4 friends so that you feel good studying together.

• You can ask questions to each other and can share the techniques which others are using.

• You can equally divide the concepts or lessons for each one to summarize.

11) How to write your Time table

a) Firstly you should make a list of your responsibilities & activities:

• Note down all the responsibilities & tasks which you have in your pocket. Classes, sports, exercises.

• Also note down the events & the other celebrations if any so that you are aware about all the tasks while noting the time table.

b) Decide a format:

• Decide a format of your timetable, you will find many formats on the internet.

• Finalize your format according to your comfort zone which ill suit all your needs.

• Go for a grid format which is easy to understand.

c) Schedule time for studies & breaks:

• You should fix your time for studies & breaks carefully & must stick to it.

• You can take a 15 mins break after studying till 45 mins.

• You should prioritize study time specifically & must stick to it.

d) Don’t continue one subject for long time :

• Don’t plan sessions too long for one subject, so that you will not get bored.

• Always keep multiple subjects for each session.

e) You can create a single or a customized time table.

• You can make a single time table for the whole week & can follow it.

• You can also make a customize timetable while depends on the specifications of the week.

• Remember all the important events of the week while writing the time table.

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