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    It will help you to understand

    • The process of Negotiation for closing a deal.
    • The importance of negotiation in Sales.
    • The stages of Negotiation which are important while closing a deal.
    • How can you use this concept and close a deal successfully.

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    Production Date : 2015
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    In every business organization, Sales is the department that generates revenue. It does not matter how good your Operations is, your technology is, or how your management techniques are, you must have a sales set-up in place, or everything else is useless.

    There are some common traits, behaviors, and sales techniques that the best sales executives possess and utilize. For the top performers, the majority of these come naturally and only some of them can be learned. This film will help you to know what the secrets of a successful sales person are & how can you be the Superman of Sales.

    Salespeople bridge the gap between customers and the product/service that fulfills that need. Salespeople deals with various prospects and it’s the job of the salesperson to close the deal by using their sales skills & expertise

    There are tons of tasks and activities that control a sales person’s day. Sales persons job is one of the most difficult in business and each week there are hours of work just serving the organization. But there are some disciplines that Sales people must keep to succeed. These disciplines should take superiority over other work, and they should be treated as real priorities by every Sales Person.

    Sales negotiation is necessary for a successful completion of a sale. As part of this type of negotiation, a salesperson tries to fulfill the needs of the client, pointing to the advantages of the products & services to the customer. The eventual goal of any sales negotiation is to earn the business of the customer, satisfying the expectations of the customer.

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