♦ Developing the storyboard.
♦ Developing content using adobe flash
♦ Can sketch on paper/digital sketch board
♦ Be Creative and innovative
♦ Logical Thinking
♦ Problem solving
♦ Creating animations to the topics assigned by the Production Manager.
♦ Ensuring that there are minimum mistakes in animations.
♦ nsuring that animations adhere to the core purpose of the company.

♦ Animator
♦ 1-8 years
Graphic Designer Skills and Qualifications:
♦ Graphic Design Skills, Layout Skills, Creative Services, Customer Focus, Creativity, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Handles Rejection, Beyond Time working, Knowledge of Flash & sound editing.
Knowledge of Software : -
♦ Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects etc.
♦ Sound Forge & Adobe Audition
♦ As per candidate's experience