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Home Revise Publication (India) is an Audio - Visual Animated CD & Software Company for CBSE, ICSE & Maharashtra State Board which helps students to build success stories by making study easy, interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

The CD contains teachings of experts in their field who have encompassed every aspect of their respective subject in great detail. All concepts are simplified for better understanding. Animated clips and story board is used to make the learning more effective.

Home Revise is a fast growing digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India.
Home Revise is precisely an attempt to contribute to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At Home Revise, we engineer solutions that enrich teaching and learning experience. The emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment. Our focus is to integrate technology with learning.
At Home Revise we not only adopt new technology, but also modify them to meet the needs of teachers and students
Home Revise believes that leadership in any field is essential. In order to be an effective educational leader one must foster a conception of excellence within the classrooms. This is where we hand out. We provide a number of Home Revise Solutions so as to boil down the complex issues of education and provide a concise statement of what needs to be done.
With the future of the country in the hands of educationalist, Home Revise has taken on the responsibility of cultivating the future leaders by equipping our children with syllabus based 2D multimedia animations


To build success stories by making study easy, interesting, enjoyable and memorable.


350 Units by 2020.

Education for everyone in every field for better life.


Mr.Yogesh Kore:(MBA)

Mr. Yogesh Kore is a founder of the company Home Revise. He is an MBA by qualification from the renowned institute of Welingkars, Mumbai. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of education. Mr. Yogesh has been a teacher of the English language at the English college, London for few years. In his trip to the land of the English language, he did a detailed comparative study between the Indian education system and that of the system prevalent in the United Kingdom. Finding serious flaws with the Indian system of education, Mr. Yogesh embarked upon a journey to understand the teaching pedagogy across different geographic locations. His journey to understand the different methods of teaching took him to distant lands such as Switzerland, Paris, London and the United states of America. He was trained at the Kumon institute, Japan in the art of educational instructing. Mr. Yogesh has also been interviewed on the widely watched Door Darshan channel on the topic of "New Definition of Education". He is a regular on the seminar circuit and conducts various training programs on multitudes of topics. He is a very sought-after speaker in forums related to education domain.

Mrs.Leena Kore:(BE)

Leena Kore is the founding member of Home revise. With an experience of more than 12 years in the educational field Home Revise is her brainchild. She is an entrepreneurial lady in her own way. Mrs. Leena ideated, designed, planned and created the delivery platform for the educational solutions which Home revise offers. Her formal education and expertise in the subject is effectively leveraged by all the activity she undertakes. It may be designing and developing new content or improvising on the ever-changing technology. Due to her sharp senses she has always been able to keep in sync with the changing environment. She is not deterred by any changes in any facet of her work, rather she takes it as a challenge to be faced and see to it that in the end she stands tall. She has also worked as a software programmer for two years in London, England. After her return to India in January 2002, she embarked on her journey to excellence by laying the foundations of Real Academy with 10 branches across the west-Indian state of Maharashtra. Initially Real academy was a small time coaching classes for the students of class 7th to class 12th for both English and Marathi medium of instruction. Mrs. Leena's vision was later given life by the setting up of an altogether entity known as Home Revise. This was destined to be the new revolution in the field of education. Wherein the educational solution was delivered in an audio-visual mode, without the need of a tutor. Indeed this was a revolutionary idea and was instantly embraced by a large number of parents who were concerned about their children's studies. The proliferation of the internet technology has helped Mrs. Leena's vision to come true.

Home Revise Achievements

50 Branches all over Maharashtra

More than 200 Junior Science colleges are using Home Revise

 More than 500 Private Schools are using Home Revise

More than 500 Government Schools are using Home Revise

  More than 1000 Coaching classes are using Home Revise

  500 Employees working with Home Revise

12 Lakh students increased their Percentage by using
Home Revise

Home Revise is Available on DVD, SD Card & Pen-drive

 Home Revise is Available on Tablet, Hard disk installation & on Android Box for TV

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